Crendon Skin Clinic. Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments & Skin Rejuvenation.


Founded by dental surgeon, Dr Kim Lloyd, Crendon Skin Clinic aims to bring you the most advanced medical cosmetic procedures available.

We offer a tailor-made service to suit your individual needs.

You will be safely looked after by highly trained, qualfied, experienced medical professionals in a welcoming, comfortable and surgically clean environment.

Dr Kim Lloyd, a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD), has been practising aesthetic medicine for almost 20 years. Kim runs the clinic with specialist nurse practitioner Mel Wright, an independent nurse prescriber and an active member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses. (BACN)

Crendon Skin Clinic is situated in a specially designed extension of Dr Kim Lloyd’s home, resulting in flexible appointment times in a highly discrete location with easy access to the M40 and private parking. explains a number of our most popular treatments and what to expect. You can follow us on social media where we update on new treatments and methods in use at Crendon Skin Clinic.

Whether you prefer a particular treatment or would prefer us to advise you on the range of treatments available to reach the desired result, we can help you make the right decision for you in a private and friendly manner.

If needed we can also offer advice on nutrition and lifestyle management to help you get the best results from the latest natural skin rejuvenation procedures that are now so amazing and increasingly popular.

Our team -

Dr Kim Lloyd


Kim qualified as a dental surgeon in 1988 and worked as a family dentist for 16 years. Her love for cosmetic dentistry led her into the newly developing field of aesthetic medicine and rejuvenation of the skin.

In the early days of this rapidly developing medical specialty, non-surgical cosmetic treatments quickly became Kim’s passion, and she founded Crendon Skin Clinic, developing it more recently to its present-day success with specialist nurse practitioner Mel Wright.

Over many years Kim has trained with pioneering doctors from around the world and has also been involved in teaching.

She continues to develop her skills, specialising in the latest and newly emerging field of PDO thread lifts. Attending regular training and workshop meetings keep Kim at the forefront of new developments, and allows her to contribute her experience to the industry and help less experienced practitioners.

Kim firmly believes that rejuvenation of the skin, indeed the whole body starts from within. Almost 10 years ago she improved her own acne outbreaks with a Paleo orientated diet and lifestyle change which led to extensive training in nutrition and lifestyle medicine, and the creation of Ugg foods, a Paleo baking mix company designed to make baking without sugar, grains, gluten and dairy, easy and delicious.

Kim now divides her time, working in the clinic when she is in the UK, and working creatively as an artist/painter as well as in the Ugg foods kitchen when she is in her second home in Spain.

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Mel Wright.


Mel began her nursing career in emergency medicine, working in an intensive care department in the National Health Service.

The confidence and experience she gained within the National Health Service facilitated her to follow up on her interest in aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic medicine and non-surgical cosmetic procedures quickly became her passion and Mel’s additional interest in whole body and mind health, led to a perfect fit at Crendon Skin Clinic. Mel has been working closely with Kim since 2014 helping to develop the clinic to its present success.

Mel’s challenging qualification as an independent nurse prescriber has allowed her to work autonomously gaining valuable experience in many other clinics and health centres: plus enabling her to establish her own company Refine Me, which specialises in aesthetic medicine procedures, botanically based skin care products and lifestyle opportunities.

Mel is very much an active member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group. She is constantly furthering her knowledge and skills through regular training courses, meetings and workshops as well as helping other professionals gain confidence and commit to best practice within the industry.

Prior to joining Crendon Skin Clinic Mel worked as a nurse for The National Health Service. She gained exceptional training and knowledge in acute medicine whilst working in a busy North London intensive care unit. Working in the intensive care unit allowed invaluable and extensive blood drawing experience whilst working under direct guidance and supervision of various anaesthetic doctors and intensive care nurses. This training enabled Mel to work autonomously as the location phlebotomist for Fit for Films. Although Mel occasionally still works for Fit for Films she decided to leave the ICU behind and follow her passion of aesthetic medicine.

Since completing her aesthetic medicine training she has worked closely with Dr Kim Lloyd, the owner of Crendon Skin Clinic to perfect her techniques and gain invaluable experience. Delivering excellent standards of care is Mel’s ultimate goal. She aims to provide clean, safe practice and performance in all aspects of her work.


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Choosing The Right Treatment

Free Consultations Tailor Made Treatment Plans Professional Advice.

If you are looking for a particular area for treatment then visit the Facial Area to see more on the procedures we  offer at Crendon Skin Clinic.

Our Treatment page explains a number of our treatment products and what to expect from each.

Whether you are interested in a particular treatment or would prefer us to use a range of treatments to reach a desired result, we are on hand to offer advice in a private and friendly manner.

We offer an initial FREE consultation with no obligation to proceed with any treatment. You may take your time to think over any treatment options.

Dr Kim & Mel  will take the time to listen to your requirements, expectations and concerns and where relevant, we can highlight key areas for discussion and suggest the most effective treatments to fit your requirements and your budget over a realistic timescale.

To book a consultation either fill in your details on our contact or treatment pages or call us on:

01844 201879.