Botox & Azzalure  - Muscle Relaxing Injections.


Botox and Azzalure are trade names for muscle relaxing injections that over the last 30 years have revolutionised anti-aging skin care.

When skillfully used, tiny muscle relaxing injections can quickly and easily make changes in the way the facial muscles behave that can have a hugely beautifying effect and dramatically change the way the face ages over time.

Price: Prices start at approximately £200. Please contact us to discuss your needs

Which areas can we treat?

Botox™ and Azzalure™ treatments are commonly used to relax targeted muscles in the face and neck  as well as under the arms for excessive sweating.

The most commonly treated areas are –

Frown and forehead to reduce the appearance of frown lines and skin creases.

Around the eyes for preventing crows feet or creating a brow lift.

More advanced uses include treating –

Lower face to prevent “jowling” and “cobble stone” chin wrinkling.

Around the lips to prevent a “gummy smile” and discourage “smokers lines”.

On the nose to prevent “bunny lines”.

On the jaw-line and neck to prevent “jowls” and sagging jaw line.

On the larger jaw muscles to change the shape of the face and discourage  dysfunctional teeth grinding and clenching habits.

Small muscles in the skin under the arm pits to prevent sweating.


What’s involved?

Small amounts of diluted botulinum toxin are injected into the targeted muscles using a tiny needle. The procedure itself is very quick and comfortable with routine appointments taking less than 30 minutes.


It takes a few days for the treatment to start taking effect and up to two weeks before you have the full effect.

Everyone has different muscle strengths and different muscular patterns so we will spend time at the beginning of your treatment journey making sure we get your desired result absolutely right for you.

For optimum anti-aging results we recommend repeat treatments usually 3 times a year but individual advice will be given.

How long is recovery? Can I expect any side effects?

There is no real recovery time needed afterwards, so you are free to carry on with the rest of your day.

As with all treatments involving needles there is always a risk of bruising.

Botox, when administered by an experienced practitioner, has very few other side effects.

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