Improve Blemish Scars Or Level Out Facial Unevenness.

Sculpt and Contour Facial Features

Enhance and Revaitalise Lips.

Add Volume and Contour Cheeks.

Enhance Cheekbones.

Create & Enhance Brow Lifts.

Prices From £200
Prices are for guidelines only, treatments are priced on consultation.

Dermal Fillers.



Dermal filler products and procedures have been rapidly evolving over the past twenty years as more and more people are opting for a non-surgical approach to address the signs of aging.

90-95% of our dermal filler clients are women but the number of procedures performed on men at our clinc is growing too, as is the demand for dermal fillers from younger people looking for fuller lips or facial shaping.

There is in the UK at the moment over 200 dermal fillers available. At the current time of writing we are using almost exclusively the market leading Restylane brand of hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers. Restylane currently have the broadest range of products available to fulfil different functions.

In some instances we may opt for Radiesse.

Each has its own benefits and effects, so we would recommend a product based on your needs.

Which areas can we treat?

Dermal fillers can be used to treat many areas of the face and body.Dermal fillers are used to treat -

Lines and wrinkles.

Deep folds and hollows.

Enhancing and reshaping lips.

Volumising cheeks and temples.

Improving cheekbone definition.

Improving jawline definition.

Lifting the brow area.

Rejuvenating skin on hands.

Minimising scars from acne or old injuries.

Reshaping ears.

What’s involved?

Dermal filler procedures usually take than 30-90 minutes.

All filler consultations are free of charge and unless this is a repeat procedure you may need to us for a separate consultation before the procedure so that we can order your products on prescription.

We offer an anaesthetic cream or in some cases a local anaesthetic to reduce any discomfort and this will be discussed at your consultation.

Skin is thoroughly cleansed and sanitised before procedures.

Either a needle or a canula is used to place the dermal filler.

The effects can usually be seen immediately.

Depending on the type of treatments and the product we use, the results can last 4 -18 months. We recommend top-up treatments to maintain the desired result.

How long is recovery? Can I expect any side effects?

You will not need any recovery time following a dermal filler procedure, so you can incorporate the treatments into your daily routine.

Common side-effects include, redness, slight swelling and bruising.

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