Lip reshaping

  • Lip Reshaping
  • lip-enhancement

Lip reshaping

  • Increase lip volume or definition

  • Natural looking results

  • Instant results

  • No ‘down time’


From £200

Prices are a guide, treatments are priced on consultation.

“Just a quick note to say thank you. My Mum looks great with her smoother top lip and she has already been on the phone saying how wonderful it looks and planning a savings pot for next time! It was brilliant to be able to treat Mum to this but I am also pleased that we found you and your clinic as things could have been so different somewhere else. Mum was quite worried this morning and you put Mum (and me) at ease straight away. Thanks again.” Sam 

There are two areas for consideration with lip injections. One is the increased definition of the vermilion border (outer edge of the lip). The other is the actual increase in volume of the lip body. A third, no less important consideration is whether the upper, or lower lip need to have the proportion altered. One of our team will talk through the best options for a natural looking enhancement during your consultation.

Injections for bigger lips or redefined lips with dermal fillers are performed under local anaesthesia. Injection of dermal filler usually starts near the corner of the lips and works its way toward the centre. The injected area is manipulated and moulded during and after the injection of dermal filler to ensure ideal shaped bigger lips. Immediately after lip injections the lips tend to be more swollen than the ideal results because of manipulation. It is thus advised that the patient returns after at least one week for reassessment and reinjection of dermal filler if necessary.

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