Non-surgical browlift

Non-surgical browlift

  • Add lift to the brow area

  • Tighten skin around eye lid area

  • Natural looking results

  • Instant Results


From £200

Prices are a guide, treatments are priced on consultation.

Dermal fillers are proving to be a valuable alternative to eyelid lift surgery and can take years off your appearance after just a single treatment. Injectable fillers can help to raise the upper eyelid and brow area, making the eyes appear more prominent. The injectable also adds more volume to the face, which can help those who have sagging, loose skin around the eye area. Dermal fillers can provide reliable, consistent and exceptional results for improving the eye area.

The injection technique means this treatment is usually very comfortable and may not even need any anaesthetic (although one is available if required). This procedure works by adding volume to the brow line, and the soft filler helps create a contoured, natural appearance. By increasing volume in the brow, the eyes are naturally lifted and can create a more youthful look. This ‘nonsurgical brow lift’ can be performed with local anaesthetic, and typically takes under an hour. Most people experience only a light soreness or redness at the treatment site, and this will disappear within a few hours. The filler can remain for up to 12 months, but touch up treatments may be required every six months in some people.

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