Non-surgical nose shaping

Non-surgical nose shaping

  • Soften out bumps

  • Raise the bridge of the nose

  • Resolve small asymmetries

  • Natural looking results

  • Instant results


From £200

Prices are a guide, treatments are priced on consultation.

Dermal fillers can be used to smooth and add definition to the nasal profile. The procedure is prompt and relatively painless, with “no downtime” in most cases. We can use dermal fillers to augment the nasal dorsum, smooth the nasal hump and resolve minor asymmetries. Strategically placed, dermal fillers can also make the nose look straighter from the front.

The injection technique means this treatment is usually very comfortable and may not even need any anaesthetic (although one is available if required). This non-invasive option for nose shaping is not only quick and convenient; the results are also immediate with no swelling.

More information on dermal fillers.