Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma

  • Promotes rejuvenation and repair

  • Can be used on delicate areas such as under the eye

  • Safe – made from clients own blood

  • Simple and easy to do


From £250

Prices are a guide, treatments are priced on consultation.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment harvests your own blood (Autologous) which is then re-injected to the facial area. Platelet-rich plasma contains 2-6 times more platelets than normal whole blood at a slightly lower pH which results in more growth factor release and more stem cell attraction compared to the normal wound-healing process. Autologous platelet-rich plasma is a safe and cost-effective technique, utilizing the ability of your own body to revitalize aged and damaged tissue.

This new treatment encourages rejuvenation and is especially practical for delicate and difficult areas such as around and under the eyes, fine lines around the lips, the neck and décolletage. It can also be very effective in minimising and repairing acne scarring.
The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes. You will be offered an anaesthetic cream or anaesthetic injection to reduce any discomfort. Down-time is minimal with potential of redness, swelling and occasional bruising, and the effect can be long-lasting. Initially 3 treatments are recommended 3-6 weeks apart, and then maintenance treatments are advised once or twice a year.

We suggest combining this treatment with the Dermaroller to maximise the repair processes.